Always keeping you in the loop

  • Service Update 18 Oct 2023 : As of 18 Oct 23, we have expanded the range of finishing colour choices available for MJF and SLS. Additionally, a new cost-effective economy production option for MJF has been introduced, along with the unveiling of the vapour fused option for MJF.

  • Service Update 5 May 2023 : As of 5 May 23, we’ve fully redesigned our portal for improved user experience. Previous account holders must create a new account as data was not saved.

  • Service Update 23 Aug 2022 : We have launched new Nylon PA12 | HP MJF 5200 material. Pricing across the platform has been updated.

  • Service Update 3 Aug 2022 : All services maintenance completed and lead time resume as per normal.

  • Service Update 28 Jul 2022 : Our eos SLS is undergoing scheduled maintenance, there will be a 2-4 business days delay for most SLS orders for the next 2 weeks. Please check in with us at for time sensitive order request.

  • Service Update 30 Nov 2021 : All our website and features are back online as of 4:21pm SGT.

  • Service Update 30 Nov 2021: We are facing some technical issues with our ecommerce platform, they should be fixed in a day. We apologize for any inconveniences caused. In the mean time, please reach out to us at for offline quote. 

  • Service Update 10 Nov 2021: Our lead time is back as per normal for all materials option

  • Service Update 3 Nov 2021: We have fixed the issue pertaining to “file type not allowed” which impacted some users. Please feedback to us at if you are still facing issues.

  • Service Update 13 Oct 2021: Due to overwhelming demand, we are temporarily increasing the lead time of  our eos sls material. It should normalized in 2-3 weeks. We apologies for inconveniences caused. Rest assured that plans to increase our sls production capacity in the near term is already ongoing.